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Watch Now: Having value discussions with the business at every step of the journey

You might have recently figured out your data is a hot mess ( who decided to override your project ID field in the GL, and is the CMDB EVER going to be “ready for prime time”?) but the CIO and the organization outside of IT are still pushing for conversations about value streams and the Value of IT…

Maybe you just started thinking about the TBM Framework, but you do not even have Service Owners assigned yet…

Perhaps you have a great alignment of labor for Activity Based Costing, but now your organization has gone Agile/DevOps and your CIO demands IT Product costs…

Forget just talking dollars and sense this budget season, it seems like you have to explain your entire raison d’etre in order to justify the dollar needed to support the growing business consumption of services and products.

How the heck is an IT Finance or IT Business Management Director supposed to cope?

If any of this resonates with your situation, watch this replay from Tuesday, Sept 8 as part of the IT Value Summit 2020 and learn from Ginger Allen of Guidewell, as she explains how she added value conversations into the Guidewell IT Budgeting conversations and managed to get needed budget increases in years when the organization asked for cuts. Ginger explained how she prepared for these conversations and shared example slides and graphics she used to drive the conversation forward in spite of still needing to mature her service costing models and IT operational data.

Looking to drive the value conversation in your organization, but struggling to get started? Contact us.


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