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Launching the Service Value Journey


Although we have been talking to you about Service Value for nearly a decade, the rapid shift to a digital enterprise makes this a pressing point for every IT Organization.

We are excited to be able to focus during Q2 and Q3 on the Value Discussion in detail.

We will be sharing blog posts and whitepapers that hand hold you through the data, models, partners, and conversations you should be having to pro-actively support these discussions.

We will soon be announcing a series of Virtual discussions and roundtables with Experts in ITIL, ITAM, ITSM, Agile, and Enterprise Architecture to talk about how IT Finance/IT Business Management can support their work in growing and supporting the Digital Enterprise.

Our Talk at Elevate we discussed how you can bring the Service Value Discussion into practice with a look at the ITIL v4 Service Value System and how IT Finance/IT Business Management practices will be impacted and can elevate the ITSM efforts for Digital Enterprise.

We presented a great roundtable session with the Digital Enterprise Society, discussing the Value of Change in a Digital Enterprise. That discussion was the third in a three-part series.

If you are still wrapping your brain around Value and how to measure it, check out our talk on Value Metrics and shifting the conversation from last year’s Elevate Conference:


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