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ITFM Data Assessments
Data Gaps Can be a Roadblock

Data Maturity Assessment

How we can help

Perfect data is a myth… but bad data can critically injure your costing models. 


The maturity of your data attributes and the linkages between assets in multiple systems allows you to calculate transparency linked to business consumption of services. Without the right score in the 3Cs of Data – Consistency, Completeness, and Correctness- your cost models will at best be slightly skewed and at worst be useless for strategic decision making.


Will your Data Derail your ITFM/TBM Journey? 

Our Expert Assessment lets you answer this with confidence

Any step forward on your journey to maturity can be fraught with uncertainty and potential failure. It can be hard to justify a large investment of time and money for the next project when you don’t know what you can confidently deliver. Knowing what data you have that can be leveraged can mean the difference between project success and failure. 

When you engage us for a data assessment, our consultants use our proprietary algorithms to give you quantitative and visual analytics in a report that will identify data trouble spots and highlight the power of your data relationships. This report can be used to assess readiness, guide design decisions, and help you prioritize the next steps in your journey to maturity.

A short engagement with our team of experts will allow you to understand the current state of your data and how far you can build out your roadmap before running into trouble. 

Now is the time to forge new meaningful partnerships because together we are stronger, our reach further, and our impact greater

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