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Watch Now: App TCO the Work/Value Curve

Maturing your data and processes to the point of supporting a useful Application Total Cost of Ownership ( AppTCO) is a problem that is shared at organizations around the globe.

The investment is not small, but the benefits can be even bigger.

If you are contemplating or planning to expand your journey to this maturity point, we highly recommend that you listen in on the fireside chat with Wyndham Boonzaier, who led absa, one of the largest financial services organizations in the country through their maturity journey to calculated AppTCO. We are so pleased that Wyn agreed to join this discussion from home in South Africa,.Wyndham was frank and honest about the journey and the real work it takes to put this critical set of models and metrics in place.

If you are looking for honest feedback about the real work involved in successfully modeling and managing the data needed for a useful AppTCO, you do not want to miss this discussion.

Have an AppTCO success story of your own or questions on how to navigate this journey? Contact US


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