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Just because you can…

Jeff Goldblum, as Ian Malcom in Jurassic Park pushes for the right thing

Doesn’t mean you should.


This is one of the themes that echoes and resonates through every “lessons learned” talk I hear at a conference. This year’s virtual conferences have been no different.

It was mostly focused on choosing the right level of data granularity in a Service Costing model (finding that sweet spot of enough but not so much it kills you is SO important), but it crossed into owning data, cleaning up other people’s messes, and manually handling too much data.

We often choose this path because we are problem solvers, puzzle lovers, and/or like to play with data. There is a lot of magic that we CAN do. But if we take on too much manual work, or allow operations to push the Service Costing model into too much detail, we lose the time to do the work that is a true value-add to the organization.

What are the activities you do today because you can and it gets things done, but maybe you shouldn’t?


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