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Empowering the ITIL Service Value Discussion

ITFM TBM B2B concept, Trusted

ITILv4 has an increased focus on the Service Value System and has as one of its guiding principles “Focus on Value”. However, many service owners struggle with understanding the value they are co-creating, or how to have conversations about value with the rest of the organization.

We have been talking for some time about how the modern IT Business Management Office brings together, models and reports on data in new ways, that can provoke discussions and insights for the IT Service Value Streams.

As IT Finance or TBM directors and practitioners, you are uniquely positioned with tools and data at hand to empower the conversations that allow for the co-creation of value in your organization. This is not new work for you but is an entirely new customer for the value your group produces.

This internal partnership will take some time to build, and we want to make sure you have all the tools you need to be a success. It is exciting that we can kick off this new set of materials with a discussion with David Cannon.

An industry expert and trusted consultant, David has been at the forefront of helping organizations understand and adjust to major shifts in the technology industry over the past 3 decades.

David is known for crafting industry best practices for Strategy and IT Operations and uses them extensively to make organizations function more effectively and efficiently. He has led consulting practices in Forrester, Hewlett-Packard and BMC Software.

David is the co-author of the ITIL 2007 Service Operation book, author of the ITIL 2011 Service Strategy book and lead editor of the ITIL 4 Digital and IT Strategy book. He was awarded two lifetime achievement awards by the itSMF.

Trying to get your IT Service group interested in what you have to say? Tell them you are going to sit down virtually and have a conversation with David.

Join David Cannon and Nan Braun in a roundtable discussion about how bringing together IT Finance/TBM, IT Service Management, and the ITIL v4 framework can transform how people inside and outside of IT discuss the value of IT Services. The discussion is free, but seats are limited so grab your ticket now.


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