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The Value of Change- The Digital Enterprise Society

Who is responsible for defining and measuring the value of change?

In the increasingly digital enterprise, product lines are changing more rapidly than ever- and many of those changes impact their consumption of IT Services.

Investments in IT rarely show up as savings inside of IT.

The value of the IT budget is most often realized out in the business, as IT services make them more capable or more efficient.

Combine these factors and you suddenly have a case where the IT budget needs to increase to support the business growth, but no one knows how to discuss the reasons why, or the value that the business is experiencing.

This means that more Product Owners should be thinking and communicating not just around the cost of their IT Services, but the value they realize from the services that IT provides. To help move these conversations forward, we have partnered with the Digital Enterprise Society as part of a roundtable series and will be talking with the business side to educate them about the TBM/ITFM capabilities many organizations are developing, as well as how to communicate their value metrics to their internal partners.

Our CEO, Nan Braun, presented the third in a “digital download” series hosted by the DES.

If your partnership with the business is hitting roadblocks or just starting, forward this link over to your product line peers, so they can roundtable with their peers and discuss the value of change.

Check out the conversation in the DES Podcast with Thom Singer and Craig Brown:


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