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ITFMA 2024
Cost Modeling for FinOps
Building an IT Business Management Program
Moving from a Financial View to a Services View
Introduction to IT Cost Modeling
Advanced Cost Modeling: Best Practices
Chargeback Strategies: Benefits, Risks and Case Studies
Creating a FinOps Roadmap for IT Finance
Ginger Allen - ITFMA 2024
CBA Model
Multiyear Planning
ROI Tracker
ITFMA 2023
Building an IT Business Management Program
The IT PL Lifecycle for Improvement
ITFMA 2021
Building a Roadmap to IT Value
ITFM Storytelling
Service Value Metrics
ITFMA 2020
Leveraging Service Portfolio for Business Value
ITFMA 2019
Becoming a Better IT Financial and Business Process Modeler
Costing Virtual Assets and Services
Maturing and Streamlining tour Budgeting Process
WhatIF modeling as a strategic tool
ITFMA 2018
Technology Lifecycle - ITFM, Inflection Points and Innovation
Transparency as a tool for transformation

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